Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Story of a Customer Service rep; Part 3

I bloody hate people.
Customers and Customer Service reps both.

Did a service request last week.
Now, I did another service request tonight, that was referencing that the one I did last week were executed on the wrong subscription.

The service request I did tonight, was placed on the wrong god forsaken subscription, but they referenced the correct one in the details listing, after the person placing it had ranted a little about the previous one being incorrect.

Bloody hell! Stop being lazy ass bastards then and place the service requests on the bloody right subscription from the start and we won't have this problem, now will we?

And this, this is how you piss off us in back office, doing all the service requests that gets put in from the people in 1st line.

So to any 1st line reps reading this: Place your service requests on the correct subscription from the start, it'll be easier on everyone then.

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