Sunday, September 21, 2014

Story of a Customer Service rep; Part 5

Here's another update to my small series of customer encounters.

Tonight, I had a customer call in and was absolutely furious over the fact that her phone hadn't worked while she was traveling abroad.

She had been promised that it would work just fine and dandy.
And now she was going abroad for a week again come Monday morning, so she demanded that I abso-fracking-lutely made 120% sure that her phone would work.

I took a quick look at her subscription and concluded within 30 seconds that the reason for it not working, was because the subscription was barred from usage abroad.

I informed her of this and explained that I had fixed it so her phone would work just fine from now on, and then went on and briefed her on what to expect in the way of costs and such when traveling abroad and bringing your phone with you.

But, here's the kicker: She had herself barred her subscription by using the customer login on the MPO's homepage.

Nothing is quite as infuriating as when you get blamed for something that is the customers fault.
That's the inherent risk of this line of work, you've got to get some pretty thick skin on your mind, or you'll go insane(more or less) or quit within the first 12 months of working.

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