Sunday, October 19, 2014

Rant of irritation

Here's an random rant of irritation.

Just talked to a customer that SRSLY believed she was some special snowflake that wasn't like anyone else.
And the way she talked, indicated that she thought herself better than me.
Despite the fact that she called and wanted help.

That is a seriously stupid thing to do.

Oh, and the kicker?
She thought she knew what was wrong too.

So not only did she want me to help her, she thought she knew what the problem was too.
(A user side problem, the required physical access to the phone to fix)

One could wonder why on earth she called for help, if she new what the problem was.
Why didn't she just fix it and save herself the call?

Because she was stupid, didn't actually know what the problem was and thought she could bully me into doing her bidding.

How well did it go?
Besides srsly pissing me off, not at all did it go.

She ended up getting told that the 'problem' she knew it was, it actually wasn't.
I told her the fix for the actual problem.
And then sent her on her way. Because if I had hold on to her longer, I would have snapped at her.

~Over and out.

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