Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Games, Controversy and missile command

So, anyone that's read some of what I've written here on this blog,
probably could have guessed that I'm a big fan of games.

Games have stood for a big part of my growing up experience, they have taught me a whole lot.
And in such a way that almost nothing other than games could have taught me.

As such, it is no surprise, really, that I wholeheartedly stand behind games, and hope that they will evolve to, something more, in the same way that both books and movies have.

So that's why I wish that my medium of choice could stand up for itself more (and it is on the right track).

Here you have a video, by one of my favorite Youtube channels, Extra Credits, talking about the subject of controversy.

They, too, wishing that the medium would stand up for itself, take the hail from the naysayers, and stand tall, and proclaim in one, strong, voice:
"We shall not back down. We can be more. We shall be more. We will be better. We can give more, better deeper. We will not back down."

Why can't the medium do this?
Why aren't games allowed to explore all those things that movies or books are fully allowed to explore
The whole of the human condition.

We all experience it, in some way or another.

Also, going to link a second video here;
Because it talks about a little bit of the human condition that, to my knowledge, haven't been explored since, at least not in such an extremely good way..


Watch the video, you'll understand what I'm talking about.

Think about it...

Over and out~

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