Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Lollipop time! [Android 5.0 Lollipop]

Hey there, all you Android fans!

Guess what?
It's time for some lollipop!

Google have started dropping the OTA to supported Nexus devices.
(Note: Yes, this is maybe a little bit different than what I otherwise write about, but it's a big one!)

For those that either don't care about what they've got stored on their devices, then you can head over to : HERE for some factory image love to your device!

Should be noted, if you aren't comfortable with flashing yourself, then the factory image might not be really for you to use.
What you have to do then, is wait for the OTA to be pushed to your device and update through there.

Android 5.0 Lollipop

Some info about the new update:

This is one of the biggest changes in Android history we've seen thus far.

Not only are we getting a new design philosophy, but we're getting some big behind the scenes changes too!
People generally won't notice the behind the scenes stuff, but it's a big change from JiT to ART (changes on how apps launch and run etc).
In practice, your apps will launch much faster.

But, over to the things people do notice:

The Redesigned UI.
Following the new philosophy of Material Design.

I've been running the Final Dev Preview as my normal rom since it was release (and I've been running it since the first dev preview dropped).
And it is beautiful. Just amazing.
Earlier today I flashed back to 4.4.4 in prep for the drop of official 5.0
And it just doesn't feel the same anymore.
4.4.4 feels ugly in comparison.

(An comparative view of the new statusbar/quick settings)

And, with this, I'll let you go about your evening/night/day.

Over and out~

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