Thursday, December 11, 2014

2014 in Music on Spotify

Another year has come and gone.
And with that, Spotify's little service that let's you see your past year of music!

Hit the link for some info about my year!

Playlist: My Top 100 Songs

There you have it, my 2014 in Music.

Some things not noted in this fine end graph;
Most busy week for me? Friday! Average of 2hrs of music a day!

And 79% (!) of those 21,268 minutes, was spent listening on a mobile device.
Not too surprising, considering that I'm using a mobile device to listen to music while at work!
(Rules Smules! I would prefer to listen to music on my work computer!)

Also, Wrock, that's an interesting name of a genre ... Never hear about it before this!
Here's the definition given by spotify: 
"Wrock, shortened from wizard rock, refers to rock music inspired by the fictional character Harry Potter. Wrock songs may be humorous or written from a certain character's point of view. Wrock bands may, for live performances, dress up as characters from the Harry Potter books."

To that I say: Da Fuq?!

I think they've got their genre labeling seriously messed up, the only thing I can even remotely imagine falling under that definition (that I've actually listened to!) is Miracle of Sounds.
And I can promise you, Miracle of Sounds songs sure aren't 'inspired by Harry Potter'.

He makes songs about games, New games, popular games, old games, unheard of games.
And the games give the inspiration.

So, in closing, Spotify, Da Fuq are you smoking?!

Ps. Did a quick genre search on spotify for Wrock, there's 1 song on the list that I listen to:
Chameleon Circuit - The Doctor is Dying
And that's Whoian music, not some Harry Potter inspired shite.

Over and out~

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