Friday, December 12, 2014

Liz Katz responds to hate

So, if you've spent some time on the internet, odds are that you've run into one or two (or MANY) pics of the cosplay model Liz Katz.

Now, you might not be too fond of her work for one reason or another;
Or maybe you love her, but, either way, here's a video she made that's is a really good reason to like her regardless what you think about her cosplay!

(And for the record, you should like her cosplay too, it's awesome!)

(more thoughts below the break for those reading the frontpage)

Why is this awesome?
Well, except for her normal stance on crap (do it and yer out, no exception!)
It show's that Liz is not only a whole lot more than a nice set of boobs and a pretty face.
It shows us that she is willing to say 'Hell no!' to haters and trolls spreading crap on our favorite time sink (teh intertubes).

Despite the (very real) dangers for the ladies to take a stand against shit on the internet (GamerGate, I'm looking at you).
We need more that actually take a stand and proudly say 'This is how it is. Don't like it? Why are you even here then!?'

Now, this isn't to say that she don't have a pretty face and all, and that's what drew me to her in the first place.
It's all that other stuff that actually made me stay, and subscribe to her youtube channel.
Take a peek on her channel, you might like it.

Over and out~

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