Tuesday, December 16, 2014

QC and headspace

So, I've been rereading Questionable Content this past week..
I'm up to strip 1736 as of this writing (Don't click the link! It's a spoiler!)...

And MAN do you get messed in the from binge reading QC! XD

So much so that I find "being drunker than an Irish skunk" funny as hell!
Also, I sometimes just straight up quote QC lines as responses ...
My friends don't find this quite as hilarious as I do, unfortunately ...
(Except for the ones that are QC maniacs like me ... Those bastards tend to reply with QC lines XD )

But yeah, you totally should go and read QC, it's awesome ... And you're only like 2800 strips behind!

If you start now it'll only take you 'bout 1½ week to get caught up with the story!

So what are you waiting on? Get to it already!

Over and out~

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