Sunday, January 25, 2015

Kittens; The exploding kind

So, let's talk kittens.

We all love them (except maybe those that are allergic ... ), because they are cute, cuddle and show utter disregard for us as superior beings.

And that, my friends, are what makes Exploding Kittens so bloody attractive!

It instills the essence of that utter disregard into the loss condition in a card game that looks like it'd be a lovechild between Russian roulette and Flux.

Here's the explanation video about what it is.

Now, don't that look just terribly amazingly fun?
And (as so happens to be my norm) I'm thinking about ways to make it into a drinking card game.

Currently; My ideas goes towards one shot for each round you survive.
That should get you sufficiently drunk to last you for a full night!

Now, currently, there's 2 parts to the game:
You have the normal, standard set of cards, that's the proper game.
And then you have the NSFW addon.

At the moment, the NSFW cards are just an addon, so you still need the standard set of cards to play the game.
But, should the kickstarter reach 100k backers, they'll upgrade the NSFW addon to a full deck, meaning it'll be a stand alone deck of cards.

The game is for 2-4 players, but it's possible to combine several decks to support more players.

I've backed it, since it looks just awesome.
And I do hope you, the reader, will too!

Over and out~

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