Thursday, January 8, 2015

Secrets and Dragon Age: Inquisition

I've recently gotten my hands on a new gfx-card and some new monitors.
And after starting up DA:I for the first time after that, I ran into some gfx bugs.

Namely, clipping.

And clipping can be really fun; Especially when you find secrets while falling through the floor of your mountain fort.

Because then you can find cute tidbits such as this:

I do hope it's possible to click to enlarge ... 
I have no bloody idea in Hell what that is supposed to be, but it sure was hilarious as hell to see!

There was also some weird carnival~esq music playing, instead of the normal to epic music that runs in the background of DA:I.

What is this?
No idea, haven't been able to find anything (yet) that actually explains what this easter egg is supposed to be.

And, just before this goes live, I tweeted bioware, I'll update if I get an reply on what it is supposed to be.

Over and out~

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