Saturday, September 5, 2015

[Update] Net neutrality and the disregard for it by companies

So, normally (figuratively speaking) when I post things on this blog, it's not really anything serious.

But now, things have changed.
This is something serious.

The Swedish mobile operator Tre (Hi3G) have gone out with the sales pitch that they will be letting their customers use a few music streaming services without it affecting their monthly data usage (up to a maximum of 70GB per month).

This is something really serious.
They are openly using their utter disregard for net neutrality as a sales pitch.
And the worst part is, ordinary people, have no idea what a dangerous precedence this sets for other mobile operators to follow, if they want to stay competitive.

And what happens behind closed doors?
The music streaming services that isn't included, what are the reasons for not including them?
Didn't they want to pay for the privilege? Are the included ones picked at random?
Other reasons?

With this in mind, what's the next step?
Video streaming services?
The slippery slope is slippery.

And -very- dangerous.

This is an issue that needs to be brought to the public mind.
Because it can't be allowed to continue.

For those that can't understand the text, here's CGP Grey explaining it too:

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